Chasing MS. Bellum

Chasing MS. Bellum

Excuse me Ms, i dont mean to bother,

Your so fine, so divine, like no other,

Slow down a moment, let me holla, like an author,

I live around, whats your name, im Arthur.


Your smile is infectious, does it spread by touch?

What of your laugh, could there be a match?

What was that kiss? was that dutch?

Stay awhile I’ll predator you be catch.


Tell me do you belong to a third?

He must be royalty,Mr right the 3rd,

But you see im a winner, i aint ever been third,

I can do this all day, just fall,with a thud.


Tell me your story, i wanna know you wholey,

Im in love, with you voice, say “hold me,”

Show me your hurt, dont keep it from me,

If you jump, i jump, were homeys.


Im pretty good with a word,

December 2nd,section b ward,

This and all i owe to my ward,

Long live the king,….word!!


Im a good guy, can i get your number?

Join me on this journey,together, member,

Dont fear, my skeletons haunt me, no amber,

Do you see our fire build? Affection, attraction……..ember.





He says:

Why is life so unfair?

So rough so crude why is it so hard to bear?

All the hurt, my heart will we ever get to dream share?

My clouds, my stacks, you always crumble there.


She says:

Where have you been,this shit aint new,

It aint never gonna dissipate, this aint dew,

This is a jungle, its survival is for the chosen few,

Depend on anybody youll be a damn foo.


He says:

Is that how you really feel

So dark,so black so much in need of heal,

This world, my love,was made for till,

To love, to hope, to smile to fill.

She says

Why is there so much wrong in the right

The hate, the spite,the love for fight,

Why must my mothers sight

Be clouded with tear by night

He says

Theres much plight on this path

It gets hard to find a moment of mirth,

Sadness roams tonight, beware of meth

Rest in peace mrs j, she taught me math.

She says:

Then why hold on to hope?

Be free,release,the end of your rope

Ive lost my reason to gallop

To take heart, to be strong,your not alone ,nope

He says

Let me be your special op

Trust me before you pick up the soap

Hold onto me when you moap

To love to care to help to cope.




I wanna be the greatest.


Cause i am the latest.

Ohh really why?

It’s in my blood it’s in my taste.


I’ve trained so long, for this test.


This the life i want it has it no rest.


This life i need ain’t no nest.


Wait isn’t this my quest?

Maybe? But do you need one zest.

But this is the beat that beats in my chest..right?

Do you think another tune could match the quest?

More than one? But that’s wrong,unimaginable,incest.


Because the same was done by the rest.

So there are rules to this test?

No it’s my life my conquest.

But you live by their rites?

No it’s my life my strength in darkest nights.


Because it’s my life my rights,

Then live it.


My mune, My mune, My butterscotch queen,
I’ll be your joker,be my harley- quinn,
I’ll be your jack, be my roselyne,
I’ll  be your tonic,can i hold my gin?
You deserve a kiss , join me in this sin.

My mune, my mune, i wanna be your king,
If i couldnt give you the world would you ling(er)?
If we part would you for another sing?
My lover, my all,
I think you deserve a ring.

My mune,my mune,do you miss me when I’m gone?
Is it enough, the moments on phone?
Does your heart yearn for my own?
What do you do,the nights you feel alone?
I can’t wait, to hold the one i call my own.
My mune my mune , do you share my dream?
You and me, together,the dream team,
You and me, forever, the in theme,
You and me ,always, damn this dream!
Like butter, like sugar, like cream,
You better my days on a mere whim.

Miho watashi wa anata o aishite


Pen to paper reveal my might,

Hold my words bring hearts delight,

Release this curse, provide insight,

Heal my wounds, this is my plight,

Father I’m lost,i keep losing this fight.


My words my bond my greatest tool

My life my journey am still a fool

Spent a life in my circle, My pool,

I had a plan you see, was proof-full

Built for a king, tuned to my rule.


I have a dream, fated to a day,

I pray this day, bends to my sway,

My will abide, this path,it’s my way,

To make her proud, this is for immy,


So beau,so divine my origin,

We glee the same, must be oral gene,

Taught love, and  care for all-beings,

Preached privacy,”foster dreams

away from this beings”,


You deserve salvation,my queen,

Such a long battle, cue win,

Such fire, her commit, to her keen,

I hope to live, live up to your reign


You are a gift, down to your essence,

Pure and distinct kinda like incense ,

Let it be known, forth-hence,

She is my queen and i her defence,


My blessing my love my immy.


















This is a message from a man to his queen,

A message by a man looking for a win,

These are the words of a man living in sin,

I beg your pardon I’ve loved you since teen.


For the love you show me, no compare,

The way you hold me, baby it’s a pair,

Mirror mirror isn’t she fair,

It’s getting cold, let down your hair,

Ill climb up to you, I need an heir.


In my arms you can sleep like beauty,

Like the seven ill watch over, it’s duty,

 I’ll do my best, but damn that booty!

My treasure, my plunder, my bootie.


I could show you the world, like am Aladdin,

Did I mention I can dance and jive, like am Latin,

Like the genie am all about the magic,

Regrettably am not always on time that’s tragic,

But am never too far off, check the attic.


True to the word, we all need somebody,

Haven’t heard about me? Better ask somebody,

But I wasn’t always so great, I was a nobody,

But I’m learning to be one, soul mind and body,

Sharing all I have, I hear its Godly.


Bear with me a while I’m almost done,

Before I’m through before I’m gone,

I love you dearly my love I hone,

I’ll be your Caspian call me by horn,

The way you trust I think it’s sown,


 But I’m worth it, yeah I am the one.



The world told me to be mine she never will,

That my worth to be at par id have to kill,

Forever content with just a feel,

Yet to the brim I thought I’d be with just a feel.


Her friends said, forget him! He’s on heat,

Probably couldn’t keep it up for a beat,

Maybe they were right, explains the fit, 

I beg your pardon but puberty hit,


My friends said, hit this! You’ll be good in a puff,

So I took three and I was good in a huff,

And kind a maybe got into a scuff,

Damn I need my smurf.


I really miss grace,

Her luscious lips and lovely face,

Her rich humor and thrill of chase,

Her love for me and strength in my race,

Her friendship and the feel of her lace,


Marry me I said, answer in 24?

I can’t she said maybe when I’m 24,

Scared me she did had me pacing 2 to 4,

This 1 needed his 2 in a rush for his 4,


Today the 2 turns a year older,

More stunning as he grows fonder,

Worried about a third yet still remains stronger,

I saw her first I own her! How come I sound slower?


Third here’s a lesson as I swallow my pride,

She is for me have you heard her tribe,

What about the history, she is my type,

Ask her about that hickie, no no south,

Yeah that was definitely my mouth.


 Regrettably am no good at math,

Couldn’t tell a pound from a firth,

But I’m definitely the definition of mirth,

And you remain to be my path.